One App For Crypto

Discover, store, invest, send & receive.

All in one app. Ready to use.

Everything you do with crypto in one mobile app.

Store all coins in one wallet

Swap crypto to crypto easily.


Buy coins directly from the app

Discover and learn about new coins


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Privacy is not a crime.

Gain full control of your funds.Store & invest your crypto with our non – custodial solution.
Your keys – Your crypto.Simple.

Over 2000 cryptocurrencies supported.

Our Non – Custodial Multi Wallet brings a new quality to crypto storage

Trust our partners.

Coming Soon

One stop crypto shop.

No need to register on exchanges and transfer your

coins back and forth.Now you can invest crypto – to –

crypto directly from the app thanks to built – in non –

custodial exchange.


Easy crypto payments.

You can receive and send cryptocurrencies to your

friends too.Now you can use your phone contact list

to do it easily.

COINS with YalaCoins

Quick start and easy in use

Check it now – just click the button below, download, and start your adventure with crypto.

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